Ritual Oil Nail + Cuticle Botanical Infused


100% Natural! The new addition to the Crystal Ritual Oil family, a plant based blend of oils that hydrate and nourish your nail beds and cuticle skin. This beautiful soft White Floral and Quince fragrance is blended with rich Vitamin E and a proprietary selection of all natural oils for efficacy. Adorned with Clear Quartz and Botanical Jasmine buds for vibration and beauty. Apply in a U-shape along nail beds with special attention to dry areas. Stimulates blood circulation. Naturally antibacterial.

Find your ritual and do what makes you well and happy.

  • 10ml. Hand Crafted in Small Batches

  • No Preservatives, 100% Natural.

  • Dried Organic Jasmine Flower Buds

  • Clear Quartz: Draws off negative energy. Encourages clarity of thought and increased energy levels. Elevates your vibration, positivity and purpose of heart and mind. The master healer.

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