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Uni | Pop-Up

12 - 4pm

Uni jewelry is a Portland based jewelry line by designer Kiersten Crowley.  Uni is inspired by the places Kiersten has called home, from the rugged landscape of the southwest to the sand and stone coastline of her native New England.

First carved from wax, then cast in bronze and finished with sterling silver chain and components.  Every piece is handmade and the process and technique is unique to each.

Drawing inspiration from modernism, japanese aesthetics, and 1970's bohemianism Uni ties ancient to modern and simple to complex.  Finding beauty in how these polarities evolve and transform into wearable objects of adornment.  Kiersten crafts her vision and continues to find inspiration from her home in Portland, OR.

Uni Website


Valentines Day Bouquet

"Experience Love in Bloom" by Viva Voce

Overflowing with the season's most beautiful blooms and lovingly hand-picked and arranged by the exquisite floral designer of Viva Voce. Soft pinks, whites, and pastels create a dreamy palette.

Presentation Options:

  1. Wrapped: ($85) Embrace the natural beauty of the blooms with simple kraft paper wrapping, highlighting their delicate charm and elegance.
  2. In Vase: ($105) Opt for the convenience of a vase arrangement, carefully packaged in a box for safe delivery. Enjoy the instant beauty of your bouquet, ready to grace any space with its captivating presence.
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