Wrenbrid Arts

Visible Darning with Erin Eggenberg


Sunday 9/24, 5:30-8:30pm

Join Erin Eggenberg of Wrenbird Arts for a 3-hour workshop where you’ll learn beautiful techniques useful for knitted textiles. More than just a practical way to repair that hole in your favorite sweater or worn spot in your socks, visible darning is a fun and functional way to mend socks, sweaters and other knitted garments that have worn thin, worn through, or fallen prey to the dreaded closet moth.This workshop includes a discussion on choosing materials and their use, a hands-on tutorial practicing 3 ways to darn knits, and a demonstration on how to choose a particular darning technique.

There will be plenty of time for questions and to assess each participant’s project, so bring your questions and a garment that you’d like to practice on! This hands-on, experiential workshop is a great class for beginners and those with an interest in using darning as both functional technique and creative expression. 

  • Bring an item you would like to repair and your questions 
  • Darning supplies will be provided. 
  • Complimentary sips and sweets served. 
  • Limited tickets/space is available. 
  • Class will take place in our store space after hours. It is a 3 hour class. 

$85 per person.

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